The best cheap tablet with the best OS

website designWindows 8 seems rather nice, and I have tried it a few times, both on the best cheap android tablet and Desktop pcs.

For a desktop it doesn’t feel right. I’ d love tinkering with the UI a lot, it’s a good part of the reason I like Linux, shells, but i don’t want tinkering to be mandatory after the OS is installed. I’ve not heard good reports of Hackintoshes. If you want to try Mac OS X, which I would heartily recommend, then pick up a used Macbook Pro on eBay.

I just recently spent £450 on eBay UK for a 2009 13″ MBP. It is only a Core 2 Duo but I put 8Gb of ram and. Hybrid drive in and it flies even though I usually have a lot of apps open.
Even a Core 2 Duo Mac will likely run better than a Hackintosh with the latest processor. That said, a quick look on eBay US shows you can get an i5 for $800-900.

You will have a powerful unix based system but with the convenience of Mac OS X for the very day stuff. There is a good reason why Macs are popular in the scientific community.
Also it’s a no brainer, if you don’t get on with it you can sell it back on china wholesale and get most of your money back. In terms of OS X versus Ubuntu for web development and image editing it comes down to depth and breadth. Not only are there a lot more options for OS X, they are typically higher quality options. Mac OS X has a vibrant and diverse mix of commercial and open source software.

For Web Development OS X has Coda, Espresso, Transmit, Sequel Pro, Hype, BBEdit, RapidWeaver, Cornerstone, Versions, Tower, Kaleidoscope etc.
For photo editing/design OS X has Pixelmator, Sktech, Acorn, Slicy, and of course Aperture, Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements and the Adobe CS Suite.
Ubuntu doesn’t really have any equivalents to these applications. In some cases, neither does Windows. I’m not trying to trash talk the other platforms – they have their own strengths – but the care, attention to detail and fit and finish that goes into many Mac applications is fantastic!

The biggest advantage of OSX over Linux is the huge selection of good commercial software. Even for free (cost) software OSX tends to have better options IMO. Desktop Linux software is for the most part awful.luoqiyin0608